Behind the Wine: Margan Wines

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Go behind-the-scenes with Andrew and Lisa Margan of Hunter Valley stalwart, Margan Wines. From their family history of winemaking, to their sprawling 98ha vineyard, on-site farm and award-winning hatted restaurant, Margan restaurant – find out what makes this family-owned winery a standout.

Why Not Do Some Wine Tasting Courses?

Wine tasting is an art, and something that is equally enjoyable and interesting to learn. Have you ever watched in admiration as a fellow diner captured the attention by expertly swirling the wine, sniffing and magically announcing its name? All this is now possible with a wine-tasting course.

The Story of Champagne

Of all the wines, Champagne has a unique story to tell. The sparkling bubbles of Champagne have intrigued kings, emperors, rock stars and the common man alike and have helped Champagne become an integral part of every celebration. Though Champagne is produced exclusively within the Champagne region of France, from which it takes its name, America and some parts of South America reserve the right to market selected sparkling wines as Champagne.

Best Wine Guide – Knowing the Best Kinds of Wine

People appreciate drinking wine because it is relaxing, a great meal companion, and is beneficial to one’s health. Prior to making decision on the brand of wine to purchase, there are some things that you need to know. Make sure you purchase the finest bottle. I have below things to look for before you purchase a bottle of wine.

Is Red Wine Really Good For Your Health?

When my dad came down to visit me, I overheard him talking to my uncle, who’s a doctor about the positive qualities of red wine in the daily diet of a person. I couldn’t help but think to myself: “So drinking alcohol is good for you now?” It seems like a double edged sword because it opens up the floodgates that give millions of people actual license to go out and drink now that there’s the perfect excuse for it.

Popular Wine Rating Systems

A few wine ratings sites that will help you determine which wine is worth paying for. It serves as a little background information on the history of the wine rating scales.

Dry White Wine – Why is it Golden?

Wine and good times go hand in hand, and numerous varieties of wine have evolved over the centuries. White wine plays a predominant role in many a cuisine, delighting many a palate with its complex taste. Each wine is unique to the region the grapes are grown and the manifold process it undergoes, and this is what makes a wine red, rose or white.

Types of Wine – How External Factors Can Affect Your Wine

The components that influence how a type of wine develops fall broadly into two categories. The more ‘internal’ factors are things such as the variety of grape, the amounts of sugar and the tannin that can be extracted. More external factors are the yeasts, growing conditions, barrels and so on. Whilst it cannot be argued that the principal influence is the combination of grapes these external factors cannot be ignored.

Wine Pairing Made Simple

More and more people are learning to enjoy wine. This article encourages newbies to take a few moments to learn some important information about pairing wine with food.

Idiots Guide to Wine

Ever wanted to start drinking wine, but were intimidated by all of the options out there? I want to help! This article will discuss, in very basic terms, wines that you can base your pallet on and grow as you expand your tastes through experience.

The Best White Wine Pairings

White wines are used in several recipes for different occasions. Here are a few of the best recipes for white wines and a few different combinations.

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