Behind the Wine: Francis Hutt of Carrick Wines

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We met Francis Hutt, winemaker at Carrick Winery & Restaurant on our most recent trip to Central Otago, as part of our Lonely Planet Wine Trails Adventure in New Zealand.

Francis is a fascinating bloke to chat to and he warms up the more you get talking. And he’s seriously funny. He’s travelled well and lived a life of adventure after having initially moved down South from Hamilton citing ‘fire, babes and snow’ as the reasons for the move. Nowadays, you can find him at Carrick, doing everything under the sun with his partner-in-crime and viticulturist Cliff.

We can attest to the fact he makes bloody tasty wine and is working hard to showcase just how special this organic and biodynamic winery is around the world. And lucky for us, we got the chance to hang out with him and ask the important questions like “Who is your ultimate drinking buddy?” and more.

Carrick Wines featured in Lonely Planet’s Wine Trails Australia & New Zealand.

It is Just a Matter of Taste – Choosing a Fine Wine

Just because a wine won a price does not mean that you will like it. Your taste could just as well be very different.

Girls Get to Play While Boys Stay Home – It’s Bunco!

Bunco, often called Drunko by spouses and significant others is anticipated by females and dreaded by most males. The girls have fun and the males stay home with the kids, or work late and get drive through food. Bunco is more than a game; it is a social gathering, a networking opportunity, and an excuse to indulge in food, including desserts and drinks.

Do You Know Much About the Australian Wine?

Early Australian wine production dates back to the 1791, when grapes were imported from Europe and wine was shipped back to the United Kingdom. Slowly but surely, Australian vineyards in New South Wales, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia sprouted up. The industry was furthered by the Land Selection Act, which freed up land that had been locked for gold rush mine development and the removal of trade barriers when the federation was established in 1901.

What is the Best Way to Serve Dessert Wines?

Food and wine have been paired for centuries, most likely because people believe some combinations just taste better when they are together than when served alone. Traditional rules of pairing are not often followed for modern meals, partially because people have found they prefer to rely on their individual tastes to decide which combinations taste the best. Dessert wines, however, are almost always served with fruit or bakery sweets, although they are sometimes enjoyed alone after the meal.

English Bitter – The Style

Bitter as a style has many different tastes and surprises. Most are usually bittersweet and hoppy. English Bitter gets this from generous supply’s of British noble hops.

Why Would You Homebrew?

The English Bitter style would also be great for the first time brewer. As would a good British Brown Ale. So be creative and make good home brew. Only you can brew the styles that you enjoy.

The Virtues of a Well-Selected Wine Glass

With all the attention spent on selecting the perfect wine, the vessel within which it is presented is often entirely neglected. This humorous article will guide you in your wine glass selection, omitting all pomp and pretense.

About Chardonnay

The most popular white wine grape that is found around the world is the Chardonnay grape. It is a green skinned variety of grape that is believed to originate in the Burgundy wine region of France but has since spread throughout the world. It is often seen as a rite of passage into the international wine market when new and developing wine regions grow Chardonnay.

Issues With Grapes and the Winemaking Industry

Wine isn’t all about grape selection and different issues are part of the winemaking process and the industry. Some of the issues which are to be considered about wine and winemaking are clarified in this piece.

Making the Best Sort of Fruity Wine

If you need to make fruity wine then you have a selection of fruits which you can easily choose from. Wine can be made from a number of fruits but the quality of the wine that you create depends on a lot of other factors.

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