Behind the Wine: Copper Cane Wines & Provisions

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Getting The Conditions Right For Wine Making

The duration of fermentation of wine under optimum conditions is approximately three weeks, but for no apparent reason may continue for many weeks longer. Unfavourable conditions in one form or another can protract fermentation to six or nine months, or even longer.

A Historic View Of Wine In Society

Long before the birth of Christ, wine, together with oil and wheat were the principal commodities of trade although there was also some trade in silks and spices, jewels and ornaments, rugs and marbles. Fermented drinks are mentioned in the Old Testament and our word cider is thought to have come from the word seider which in turn came from the early Hebrew word sekera.

White Wine – It’s Time You Tried It – Again

The marketing wisdom that launched wine’s popularity in America preached white wine as the “beginning” wine, to be followed by the more mature tastes of red wine. Many people drink red wine to the exclusion of anything white, or even pink. Thus, even experienced consumers think of white wine as simple, one-dimensional and somehow “not real” But all wine has it’s place. With food, white wine is an essential partner to many great cuisines. The fact is, there is just too much fantastic white wine to be ignored.

Wine – A Comprehensive Study

To the purist, wine is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of grapes. Wine is produced after the fermentation of crushed grapes using different types of yeasts that consumes sugar found in grapes and converts that sugar into alcohol.

Joining A Wine Of The Month Club

If you’re trying to pick the best wine of the month club, you may be absolutely overwhelmed by all the choices out there. From the California Wine Club to The International Wine of the Month Club to so many others that operate locally and online, a wine lover can easily be distracted by all the choices and feel tempted to throw in the towel and just go back to purchasing wine one bottle at a time.

Choosing The Right Wine Goblets

Whether as a gift to someone else or as a gift to yourself, wine goblets can be a beautiful addition to any bar set. For those who are true wine lovers, these beautiful glasses can even add to the enjoyment of a good wine as a nicely cut piece of glass can catch the light and make it dance off the wine itself.

Wine Country Gift Baskets Is The Perfect Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone’s graduation, get well wishes, birthday, or any other occasion, you can’t go wrong with Wine Country Gift Baskets. No matter the occasion you’re sure to find something unique, affordable, and that will be truly appreciated.

Kosher Wines Aren’t Just For The Passover Anymore

Most today consider the best kosher wines to be those made in Israel. While few people would consider Israel to be a producer of fine wines, note that the Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing excellent grapes that produce high-quality wines.

Which Wine Goes With That Dish

This is one of the most basic “rules” of food pairings. Red wine goes with red meat, and white wine goes with everything else. Of course it’s not completely that simple, but this is one of the most basic guidelines you can keep in mind.

California Wines – Their Struggle To The Top

Most in the know would agree that when it comes to wine there has been a high occurrence of snobbery within the wine growing community. Over many years it has been established that France was heads and shoulders above all the wine growing regions and that there was no place that equaled France. Well guess what? Over quite a few years, and a very hard struggle the state of California changed this outlook and turned world opinion upside down. Even though the struggle wasn’t easy California wines have become well-known and now are considered on par and sometimes even superior to all vineyards of the world.

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