Behind the Wine: Caymus

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Caymus Vineyards is steeped in family tradition and exceptional quality. Known for their Cabernet Sauvignon produced in a Napa style, Caymus continues to innovate in their methods to produce wines that are as approachable in youth as well as maturity.

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Order Fine California Wines Online

California is the place where major wine production takes place in the U.S. there are different types of grapes that are developed in California. Pinot noir, chardonnay, syrah, zinfandel, merlot, sauvignon Blanc, cabernet sauvignon are the types of grapes that are found here.

Health Benefits of Wine

Wine can do more than enhance a meal. A glass or two of wine a day may also benefit your health.

Is Bartending School a Good Option For You?

Bartending has been portrayed by the media as running the gamut from exciting, as in movies like Cocktail, to not so thrilling, as in the bartender Mo in the Simpsons. As with any other job, a bartending job has its ups and downs, but it really depends on the person who is pursuing the career. A bartending school is a great idea for someone who is looking to make bartending into a full time occupation.

Finding the Right Holiday Wine Gift Ideas

Because wine has become increasingly popular the last 10 years it has also become the most popular gift for the holidays. It is something most people will like at a party, family gathering and for any holiday. But because wine has become such a popular gift it is becoming a tiny bit boring.

Strawberry Wine

Strawberry wine has long been one of the best known and best loved country wines, especially in England. This is hardly surprising the English climate is a lot more suited to the growth of strawberries that the usual grapes that make wine, in recent years though it has found little space on supermarket shelves.

An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Wine

Wine has never fail to add special touch to any occasion. Be it a larger wedding banquet or a simple dinner for two, the celebratory atmosphere is not complete without using the corkscrew to unveil the appetizing liquid.

Fine Wine Choices

A bottle of wine is what you would look out for during your leisure time or after a meal. If good wine is there it would definitely bring alive the party and make your meal even better. Choices can be made while following the below given things.

Ratings of California Fine Wines

Wine and France have always gone together – if you want fine wines, you turn to the South of France. But things are changing, and Napa Valley has emerged as one of the leading producers of fine wines. Ratings of California fine wines have shown that both red and white wines from California have gained a popularity and reputation that might even surpass that of France.

Can Music Enhance the Taste of Wine?

Is there any validity to the belief that certain types of music, when played whilst drinking a glass of wine, could enhance the taste? Certain types of music have been proven to assist with intelligence so why not music enhancing the taste of wine?

NewAir AW-210ED Wine Cooler Features Thermoelectric Technology and Dual Temperature Controls

When it comes to enjoying a bottle of your favorite vintage, keep in mind that proper storage temperature is one of the most important tenets to wine drinking. Keeping your wine properly chilled with a home wine cooler is one of the best methods to do so, and the NewAir AW-210ED is one of the most affordable, feature-rich wine refrigerators out on the market today.

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