Behind the Wine: Baldacci Family Vineyards

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Family is the heart of Baldacci Family Vineyards. Because the important moments in life are best had over a glass of wine, Baldacci’s purpose has always been to create outstanding, sharable wines to bring home to your friends and family.

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How to Pronounce French Wines and Wine-Related Terms Correctly

Even though you don’t speak French, you can still score points in a social gathering…Here is a list of common wine names and terms you may encounter, and this article will give you a head start on pronouncing them right.

How to Make Homemade Wine – Using the Right Cork for Your Bottles

One basic part in homemade wine making is choosing the right cork to seal off the wine bottle. Many wine making instructions do not even mention the importance of a cork stopper to your wine. Nevertheless, the cork is very important and may influence wine quality significantly.

Should You Have Wine Or Beer After Meals?

Today most people associate wine with food than the beer, as beer is often thought of to have less value, as most of it is inexpensive, while the perception is different for wine. And many bar accessory manufacturers and owners of home bar accessories stores would vouch for the generally held view.

The Best White Wines – Leaders of the Pack

“White wine with white meat” is still the mantra but personal preference should dictate. White wines tend to be more refreshing and lighter in character and taste than red wine vintages, making them ideal for spring and summer occasions.

Identifying Your Favourite Types of Wine – The Basic Principles of Wine Tasting

There are more types of wine than we can count and how on earth are we to choose one when faced with a huge bank of bottles. Educating yourself in the wines you like is quite easy if you just make a few notes following a set pattern so that you can compare the wines you have drunk to find the ones you like best. Tasting wine is as much an art as a science and there is no right and no wrong way to do it. There is only one thing that matters – do you like that type of wine? I use a few basic pointers to help me remember the wines, for me there are four principal elements to tasting a wine, appearance, aroma, taste and overall impression.

An Introduction to Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is the sensory examination and assessment of wine. While the practice of wine tasting is as ancient as its production, a more formalized methodology has slowly become established from the 14th century onwards.

Buy Custom Wine Online

Are you bored with all of the gift options out there? If you are looking for the coolest and most creative gift to give out to family and friends for birthdays and holidays, look no further!

To Drink or Not to Drink? The Use of Alcoholic Beverages

The use of alcoholic beverages is incontrovertibly a highly debatable issue in contemporary Christianity. In attempting to resolve this conflicting situation, biblical principles must be seriously considered. Am I my brother’s keeper? The researcher answers in the affirmative noting the Christian’s responsibility of not causing another brother to stumble.

Six Fun Wine Tasting Party Themes

Hosting a wine tasting is fun and a great way to learn about wine. But you can make it much more fun and educational with some type of theme to make the tasting cohesive and to help draw out your guests to discuss and compare the wines.

Is A Wrought Iron Wine Rack Right For You?

People who only drink a little wine every once in a while probably don’t have a problem figuring out how to store their wine. They can buy a bottle and drink it quickly, preventing it from going bad with improper storage. However, whenever you start making a wine collection, even a small one, the bottles start to add up. Then, you have to face the question of where and how to keep them.

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