Behind the Wine: Bacci Wines

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Learn about the winemaker behind Tuscany’s legendary Bacci Wines, Marco Bacci!

The Renieri estate extends over about 128 hectares, of which 30 are dedicated to vineyards. Renieri is located in the southern part of the territory of Montalcino, facing Monte Amiata.

Marco owns one of the best collections of estates in Tuscany, and is creating high-quality wines from some of the top Tuscan appellations. It is this balance that has been a key part of Marco Bacci’s vision as he has brought Castello di Bossi to the highest ranks of international wine.

Learn more about all the highly-rated Renieri wines here:


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The Art of Ordering a Bottle of Wine

Wine, Vino, the Nectar of the Gods. Whatever you want to call it, thanks to a growing number of vineyards and the exponentially growing demand for quality, affordable wine has made the number of wines on the market explode. While the expansion of the wine market has helped to make quality wine more affordable, it’s also helped to make the choosing of a good wine at either a restaurant or grocery store a bit more tricky.

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