Behind the Wine: Amici Cellars

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In 1991, a group of friends with a passion for good wine crushed a few tons of grapes in Napa Valley for their personal cellars. Their creation received such outstanding accolades that the friends started producing wine to share with others. Appropriately named, Amici means “friends” in Italian and the Amici team are just that – a band of friends, closely collaborating to produce highly rated, handcrafted wines.

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Set Yourself Apart From The Rest With A Wine Tasting Gift

Some people still see wine tasting as a thing for the elite, only for wine connoisseurs, a select few that hold these parties on the weekends. They say that it is not accessible for “normal” people or that “normal” people would not enjoy it. Of course this could not be further from the truth, wine tasting is a fun and unique experience anyone should have had once in his or her life.

Mini Wine Bottles

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