Behind the Wine: 1858

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1858 showcases three incredible wines steeped in winemaking history, all from premiere winegrowing regions in California. Produced by Caymus Vineyards, 1858 is made by Chuck Wagner, legendary head of the Wagner Family of Wine. The wine is named for the year Wagner’s great-great-grandfather, Blueford Stice, purchased the family’s first 70 acres of Napa Valley farmland, shortly after arriving by wagon train from Missouri.

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Making the Decision to Brew Your Own Wine

People have different reasons for deciding to make their own wine. This article examines some of these reasons and supplies the facts for people who have made this decision and who need to know more about the wine making process.

Beer Collectibles

Social context: Many social traditions and activities are very associated with drinking beer, such as playing cards, darts, or other games. The consumption of beer in isolation and excess may be associated with people drinking away their troubles, while drinking in excess with company may be associated with binge drinking.

Greatest Bottle Service For July 4th Weekend

Are you planning something special for the 4th weekend in July? The New York City houses many restaurants and clubs to chill out with your friends and to make the most of the weekend. The city is full of nightclubs which experiences a great influx of guests during weekends. If you visit one of these clubs, you would come across many models, rappers, the celebrities and also teen-age blondes making the most of their night out.

Beer For Beginners

Beer is made by brewing. The essential stages of brewing are mashing, sparging, boiling, fermentation, and packaging. Most of these stages can be accomplished in several different ways, but the purpose of each stage is the same regardless of the method used to achieve it.

The Best Wine in Restaurants

In such a limited space, I can indicate only a few general guidelines which, if not followed, could spoil even the most delicious of meals. 1. Wines should be drunk in the following order: first the light, delicately flavoured whites, then the more aromatic whites, roses and lastly the reds, starting with the lighter and proceeding to more full-bodied.

Best Sports Bar For Your Night Out With the Guys

Can’t get the tickets to see your favorite team play their NBA finals, want to catch the live action with your friends, just drop into one the sport bars in the New York City. Sports bars in NYC opens their doors to pro football fan clubs and alumni groups where they can catch the live action with specials drinks and food discounts. Unlike other bars where a single tiny TV shows the game, sports bars has 50 TV’s or more strategically placed so that you don’t miss a single action.

The NewAir AW-280E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review – The Health Benefits of Wine

The French paradox: sounds like a term referring to the grammar in French language but that is not what it is. It actually is the observation that even though the French consume a diet rich in saturated fats, they have a low incidence of heart disease. It is proposed that red wine decreases the incidence of cardiac diseases.

Maguey and Alcoholic Consumption in Aztec Society

The maguey plant refers to several closely related species of the genus Agave, which grows at 5,940 feet (1,800 meters) above sea level or higher in central Mexico. The maguey plant supplied the Aztec with both fiber for clothing and rope and the juice for popular drinks such as the fermented octli, today called pulque, and unfermented aguamiel. Though archaeologists to date have not found pulque workshops on archaeological sites, obsidian blades covered with sap resin have been found.

The Ultimate Micro Brewery

Home brewing, that is, making your own beer at home, is an increasingly popular activity for many people. There is an absolute wealth of information, supplies, and equipment to be found on nearly every high street, and of course the internet. Hardly surprising in this age of advertisement driven sales, where often the manufacturing costs of a particular beer are dwarfed by the advertising budget of many of the large breweries.

Enjoying Red Wine

The red wine is called “red” because of the red grapes it is made from. The colors of red wine can be anywhere from red to purple to blue.

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