Beaujolais Nouveau! What you NEED to know…

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Looking at the Top 5 things you Need to know about Beaujolais Nouveau, how it’s made, how it’s celebrated, and more importantly, what the 2019 edition taste like.


Grow Your Own Grapes – Drink Your Own Wine

So you want to make your own wine from your own grapes, do you? Taking this step makes you part of a tradition dating back almost 8,000 years, effectively to the very beginnings of civilization itself. This short article lays out a few of the factors you need to consider when choosing to take part in this activity.

Simple Homemade Wine Making Instructions

Making wine is a little bit science and a little bit art, and like anything worthwhile, learning to make good wine takes time and practice. These wine making instructions will give you a good overview of the process, you will then need to give it a try.

Using Hardwood Cuttings For Your Grape Planting

After your vineyard is established you will need to replace vines from time to time, or perhaps you want to expand your current plantings. Hardwood cuttings are a method of propagation, which is the process of naturally or artificially distributing plants, and is the most common method used for propagating grape vines.

Heath Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

There have been many studies done that show that drinking red wine is very beneficial to your health. In many cases you can reduce the risk of heart disease and also reduce the risk of getting cancer. It is important that you stay within the 2 glasses that are recommended for a healthy amount to drink. If you have more than that it can cause you to have liver problems because of the alcohol in the red wine. Make sure that when you drink you only have the right recommended amount. It is important when you are trying to reduce your risk of heart disease that you remember consuming red wine can help you to accomplish this.

Grapes That Make the Best Wine

The wine making process can make wine out of any fruit that contains residual sugar after harvesting. I can guarantee that many of these wines will have some alcohol in them, but most will not be very tasty since they are usually sweet and poorly balanced. The grape has emerged as the champion wine making fruit over the years because it contains the highest sugar of most other fruits and yields about 11 percent alcohol. The tartaric acid and tannins found exclusively in grapes is responsible for its unique tastes.

How to Choose Red Wine

Nothing accompanies a meal and soothes the senses better than a good bottle of red wine. Besides the distinctive taste this beverage brings to any occasion, there are actually health benefits from drinking red wine.

Choose Carefully When You Buy Wines Online

As we all feel the hit of the economic recession, consumer habits are beginning to change. Nights in are the new nights out, but they are still not complete without a drink or two. The internet is providing some fantastic options to buy wines online that will make any night worth staying in for

Some Wonderful Wine Making Recipe Options

Wine making can be a fascinating hobby for those who love trying different wine making recipe to get the best taste. You can get different varieties of wine from outside but it is possible to make equally good quality wine at home using some interesting wine making recipe.

Indulge Yourself in the White Wine Making Process

White wine making at home can be a wonderful experience and it can be paired well with different kinds of foods, which includes white meat and seafood. Many people prefer to match white meat with white wine, though you can always break the norm and experiment with something new using different combinations.

The Everlasting Dispute Over Wine Labels

Most of these products are identified by words like “aperitif wine” and “grape wine with natural pure flavors.” But the coined names they bear, referring to birds, animals, and to anything but grapes or wine, resemble nothing ever before seen on a wine label anywhere. If their overnight success is any indication of the future, these new products may well remodel all old concepts of what constitutes wine.

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