Basic Wine Etiquette Tips From Sommelier Madeline Puckette

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No, you’re not a monster if you’ve been doing it all wrong. But, in any case, be sure to read more here:

Wine Tasting For Beginners – Part One

You have decided to start learning how to taste wines, however you do not know where to begin from. You can access websites and journals which are exclusively dedicated to tasting.

Rabbit Wine Opener

The rabbit wine opener (or rabbit cork screw) does complete justice to its name in terms of both, looks and performance. It looks like a bunny with 2 parallel handles serving as the trademark bunny ears and can open stubborn corks with utmost deftness. Manufacturers boast that the whole process of opening your precious bottle of wine will be over in 3 seconds to be precise.

Tips For Smelling Wine

Be courageous. Stick your head directly into the airspace of the glass, the spot that the scents are captured. Don’t put perfume on your body; it’s going to compete with the smell of your wine.

Drink Wine and Live Longer?

Let me put a question to you: Do you like wine? If you do like it, how much so and if not why don’t you? Personally I believe wine to be one of the most fascinating brews to ever be created.

World Wine Known France – Travel Tips to French Wine Regions

No question: the best reason to visit France is the wine. They produce the most. They drink the most. They export the most. You must see.

Fish Dishes and White Wine

White wines, although sometimes dismissed by red wine aficionados, can be the elegant companion to a fish dinner. Compared to red wine, white wine tends to be slightly sweeter and lighter, and usually is served with less complex fare.

Marrying Food & Wine

One of the things that people often tell me that they find a little intimidating is how to match a wine to a particular food dish that they are planning. They say that they really have no idea to try to find a wine that will match the food(s) and fret that they will perhaps ruin the food and /or the wine by pairing them together. While they may have some legitimate concerns in this area, they can largely solve this small problem by following a few simple guidelines

Systematizing Your Mobile Bartending Business

I’m not gonna lie. Building a business can be hard work!

Wine Tasting For Beginners – Part Two

When you look at wine you need to look for color and opacity of the wine. Once you are done with looking you need to swirl the wine for 10-15 seconds and then take a deep breath in order to smell the various aromas trapped and released by the wine.

Hangover Cures – Mythbusted (Part 3)

Round 3. The war against bogus hangover cures concludes in this final battle. We take on greasy food, exercise, throwing up, and staying positive.

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