Barrel Burner Wines: Another Discovery from The California Wine Club

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Several generations of the Miller family are at the helm of this innovative winery. Long-time grape growers, they helped pioneer viticulture on California’s Central coast. “They planted the famed Bien Nacido and French Camp Vineyards in the early ’70s, just at the beginning of the wine industry here on the Central Coast,” says Nicholas Miller, fifth generation and the family company’s V.P. of Sales and Marketing. The California Wine Club introduced Barrel Burner to wine club members by featuring their 2016 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon and Central Coast Chardonnay in wine club shipments. Learn more:

Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc ’07

I think its been about a year since we did a review on this ones older sister. I actually thought this wine was an ’06 so I purchased it just to drink. But as I started to pour us a glass I noticed this was an 07. SO here is the classy part!

Wine Gifts – Unique Wine Accessories For the Holidays

We all look for interesting and unusual Holiday gifts to give to our friends and family, co-workers or boss. You desperately want to find the right gift that will not end up at the bottom of the drawer: if you have a few wine connoisseurs on your shopping list this Holiday Season, here is a unique idea for a useful and unique wine lover gift.

Wine Review – Sterling Red Blend Syrah and Grenache Knights Valley Pelican Ranch ’02

As Autumn begins to rear its head, we hope that we are not the only ones scrambling to finish those last projects of summer. I love summer, but I also love when summer is over and we begin to see the other seasons.

A Brief History of the Australian Wine Industry

Australia has become a world leader in domestic and exported wine. What began as a few vineyard cuttings over 200 years ago has now flourished into an amazing industry – the fourth largest in the world! Australia exports over 450 million litters of wine each year across the globe. The burgeoning wine industry has been an economic boon for the country. Not only have the +2,000 vineyards provided jobs, wineries have increased employment in other areas and improved tourism as visitors come to Australia to tour local wineries.

Personal Wine Making System

I have been making wine at home for about 10 years and it is truly an enjoyable experience. It must be my right brain that drives this creative urge. Whatever it is, it sure is fun. I love the process all the way through bottling but I especially like giving bottles away to friends, taking a bottle to a party and receiving all the surprise looks and compliments about my wine making hobby.

Great Beers You Should Try

Do you like your beer? I know that I do. Ever since my college days, I’ve always been a big beer lover.

Review – Sterling North Coast Zinfandel ’04 & Sterling Syrah

This weekend our parents came to visit. We always LOVE when they come see us as we enjoy our time spent with them. They, like many of us are are busy with their lives and grand kids, etc. Per their request, they just wanted to come visit and relax. We were going to ensure that’s what they were going to do!

An Evening With Echeverria – Chiles’ Finest!

I have been fortunate enough to have spent many a summers evening deliberating over various wines from various countries and felt compelled to put pen to paper after one such evening spent in the company of a myriad of South American wines and, I am happy to say, I was not at all disappointed! Sure, you’ve got the famous brands that adorn our supermarket shelves in the UK, but very rarely, some of the chosen few get the opportunity to meet interesting vintners and try some offerings that are truly exceptional and stand out from the crowd, all on their…

Box Wine Isn’t All Bad

Boxed wine is not the scourge of wines that it was once thought to be. It has certain advantages in terms of packaging and value.

Top 5 Wine Accessories Every Wine Lover Should Have

Do you want to know what accessories you should have to make the most of your wine enjoyment? There are a lot of tools and accessories that you can buy to make sure that you can enjoy your wine to the fullest, but not everyone can afford everything. However, there are five essential accessories that every wine lover out there should have…

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