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Choosing A Wine Rack Design For You

A home’s decor ultimately reflects the style of its occupants. Those who engage in hobbies and collecting that is near and dear to their heart will frequently display corresponding pieces in an attractive display in their home. In addition to infusing the home with the occupant’s unique personality, such a display creates an instant conversation piece that will engage visitors and give them a feel for the home’s overall style. For wine connoisseurs, the display of a variety of wines that they particularly enjoy can be both functional and decorative. To this end, a beautiful wine rack design can do the most to display your wine with visual impact.

Sangria Summer Nights

For years now a staple to my summertime diet has been to have a glass or two of sangria while sitting out on my patio on those warm summer evenings with friends. Sangria is a wine based punch that originates from Portugal and Spain. The word “sangria” is derived from the Spanish word “sangre” which means blood. Sangria is usually made from red wine, sliced citrus fruit, sugar, and a sprit such as brandy or triple sec.

Choosing Food For Wine Parties

Oh, the choices! Just like everything else about wine, the possibilities are endless. So, what does one do when choosing food for a wine party, or alternately, choosing wine for a food party?

The Early Secrets of the Green Fairy

A look at the early history of absinthe and its profound impact on French society.

Build Your Own Wine Rack With A Wine Rack Kit

When it comes to household decorating, a new crop of do-it-yourselfers has emerged, eager to spackle, paint, measure, hammer, and hang. To keep pace, manufacturers of household products work diligently to provide the weekend warrior a bevy of projects. For wine enthusiasts who like to display their wine as well as drink it, a wine rack kit offers the perfect opportunity to build your own dynamic showcase.

How To Preserve A Wine Collection

Storing wine with cooling units is easy. This is also something you should do to preserve your wine collection. Many times people do not realize the importance of proper wine storage and how it is done. There is no substitute for wine storage with proper wine temperature and the only way this can be achieved is through a wine cellar or wine room with a cooling unit.

A Wine Story – Wine, Food & Lifestyle

The European lifestyle is easy going and synonymous for food and wine. That easy going lifestyle can be incorporated into your life too!

Corkscrews – Friend Or Foe Of The Wine Lover

Most of us have seen, bought and thrown away an array of corkscrews during our life time. Found in the home, picnic hampers and even sitting in the office draw waiting for a good reason to crack open a bottle, corkscrews seem to litter our lives as our consumption of wine drinking continues to rise. Each time we find an excuse to open a bottle of wine and enjoy its content there lays one small and possibly painful hurdle in claiming this prize.

Why Do You Drink Wine? The Benefits Of Drinking Wine To Relax

Why do you drink wine? Many people say it’s because it is relaxing and soothing. Relaxation helps to reduce levels of stress, and that is a key step to good health. So here’s a suggestion. When you get home from work, put aside 30 minutes or so and open a bottle of one of your favourite wines. There are not many better ways to unwind, to relax and to reduce stress than enjoying a glass of a decent wine.

Wine Cellars or Wine Racks?

Wine racks are essential to your wine collection. Without wine racks where would you store your wine? You could just pack various refrigerators down with wine but then how would you find it? In this article I am going to help you figure out your options. Should you use a wine cellar or simply use wine racks?

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