Backsberg Estate Cellars Shares South African Favorites with The California Wine Club

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The philosophy of Backsberg Estate Cellars is to provide pleasure and enjoyment to a broad range of wine lovers by producing wines not only with structure and finesse, but also with a high level of drinkability.

Buying Wholesale Wine For Your Business

If you own a restaurant, you’ll probably know all about buying wholesale wine – but how much thought do you put into the bottles you actually offer diners? A surprisingly high number of restaurant owners fail to fully consider the wines they buy, and underestimate the impact this can have on their customers.

Five Things to Do in the Margaret River Region

The Margaret River region is a beautiful area which is located in the South Western part of Western Australia. It is a popular tourist destination, partly thanks to its stunning scenery, world famous breweries and numerous attractions.

Customizable Wine Glasses for Restaurants and Bars

Customizable wine glasses are perfect to buy in bulk for restaurants, bars and actually any type of hospitality business. They can be printed or engraved with the names and logos of the establishment, making them more personalized and unique.

Hot Topics in Wine Cellar Cooling

The aging of fine wine to perfection requires a triad of optimal conditions: temperature, humidity and darkness. If possible, you should store your fine wines in a cave. If you are planning a wine cellar in your home or restaurant, don’t underestimate the effect of temperature on the quality of your stored wines. Wine will not age gracefully in warm conditions or in fluctuating temperatures.

Australian White Wine Is One of the Best Wines Exported Around the Globe

A large part of Australia’s GDP comes from the wines they export. Australian wines are known all around the world for their world class taste and quality.

Winery Equipment – Buy Carefully To Ensure the Right Vintage

There is a lot of effort that goes into ensuring that each bottle of wine is as good as it can be. Grapes have to be of a certain quality but there is another factor as well. The importance of winery equipment for the production of high quality wine can hardly be stressed enough.

Barefoot Moscato: Why It Is The Ultimate White Wine For Wine Lovers

Remarkably, this delicious wine syncs well with most Asian cuisines, while being a part of light desserts, fresh fruits and mild cheeses as well. Just like perfume, you never fail to catch the tasting notes To be more specific, this wine makes good use of the sharp contrasting taste of citrus flavors across sweet tastes of ripe apricot and juicy peach. In the end, your tongue notices a bright crispy taste-we’ll say short and delicate taste.

Tips in Hosting the Best Wine Tasting Event at Home

Have you ever wanted to host your own wine tasting event at home, but didn’t know how? This article will give you tips in throwing a wine tasting party you and your friends would surely enjoy.

Choosing The Perfect Champagne Gift Set

There is nothing quite like celebrating a special occasion than doing so with a glass of champagne in every guests hand. The pop of the cork, tantalising bubbles and the delicious taste makes Champagne such a luxurious and one of a kind beverage – there really is nothing quite like it!

All You Need To Know About Chateau Les Ormes

If you are looking for wine that is made from a family run winery and produces some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon you need look no further than Chateau Les Ormes. Found in the Bordeaux wine region of France, Chateau Les Ormes is a family run winery that dedicate their lives to creating the French wines full of life and flavour. Chateau Les Ormes is produced in the prestigious appellation of Saint-Julien situated on the left bank of Bordeaux with the river Gironde flowing close by.

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