ATLAS PEAK AVA – Napa Valley Sub-Appellation Series 3/16

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This “Series” of videos is dedicated to the exploration and education of the Napa Valley Sub-appellations or AVA’s.

In this video we visit the beautiful vineyards in the Atlas Peak AVA


Wine Tasting Tours In Napa – The Best Of California

Napa Valley is renowned around the world for its excellent selection of wine. Wineries in this area produce some of the most popular wines in the world and is simply adds to the list of what California is famous for! The vineyards are gorgeous, the scenery exquisite and the wine tasting tours in Napa are simply unbeatable the world over.

Health Benefits of Champagne

We have all heard about the medical benefits of red and white wine. Champagne a festive wine was actually the first wine which was made 2,000 years ago, was named after a small town in France.

Port Sippers – Where Do They Come From?

Port Sippers have an interesting history. Traditionalists and new users are using them more and more in consuming port and other fortified wines for a whole lot of reasons.

Picking Out The Right Wine

Choosing the right wine for any occasion needed be difficult if a few simple guidelines are followed. There will be some options which will be different depending on whether you are dining in a restaurant, in which case you are limited to the wines on the wine list. If you are shopping at a retail site, you can still make good choices depending on what you like and what type of occasion it is.

Do It Yourself Wines – Inexpensive Yet Creative Home Made Wines

This article takes a peak at different types of fruits and other foods that can be used to make inexpensive, creative and delicious wines at home. It helps to open the mind of the wine maker to find new ingredients in their home wine making recipes.

Home Winemaking – The History and Benefits

This article describes the history of wine as it dates back to ancient times. It follows the path that wine making took beginning with ancient Greece, along through the Roman Empire and all the way to modern times. This article also touches on some of the benefits received by those to embrace home wine making.

What Recent Advancements Allow For A Better Home Winemaking Experience?

The modern science tried their best to improve on the basic art of wine-making, but could not add anything – either to its flavor or its taste. What the technology contributed to however, was to limit the time of aging of the wine. Where decades were necessary once upon a time, today you can have an excellent wine with less than two years aging period.

Riesling – A Wine for the Wine Hater

In our world, there are people who don’t like wine. Now, this idea may make most of us gasp in shock and yell out “Grape Scots!:” someone saying they don’t like wine is like someone saying they don’t like breathing. But, it’s true. Some people find merlot too tart or port too sugary and they end up thinking there is no wine out there they can call their very own. Luckily for these people, there’s Riesling.

What Are Characteristics And Benefits Of Different Grape Varietals?

The different grape varietals make much better wine than the single-grape type wines. Each one of the varietals adds their special taste and characteristics to the wine that they are part of. In this way, the world is lucky to have better taste, better flavor and all in all better wines.

What Are The Basic Tools And Supplies I Need To Make Wine At Home?

Good news! Anyone can make wine at home. You need not have a fancy hotel management degree for that; just a bit of ingenuity and the right ingredients and tools. By the way of tools – it only takes the most ordinary things that you already have around the house. The ingredients too are what you already have on your kitchen shelf. So what are you waiting? Put together the tools required and the ingredients and get to work – from now on no meals should be served without a glass of wine!

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