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That bitter, astringent taste in a glass of red comes from wine tannins. So, are they good? Bad? Learn more about wine take Wine 201 →

And, how do you find wines with smooth tannins? Let’s break down this important trait found primarily in red wines so that you can find more wines that you love.

Check out the details on the Tannat we featured in this video:

Here are some tips on selecting wines by tannin level.

– Pay attention to grape variety – lower tannin options include Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Cinsault – higher tannin grapes include Tannat, Sagrantino, and Petite Sirah
– Oak aging, especially new oak aging adds tannin
– Learn more about the winemaking that went into the wine to see if the tannin is low or higher. For example, carbonic maceration wines typically have lower tannins.

If you’d like to read up more about tannins, check out this great article we have on winefolly:

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