Angeline Winery Presented by The California Wine Club (VIDEO)

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At its heritage cellar in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley, wines are blended with artisan skill designed to please your palate as well as your pocketbook. The California Wine Club is proud to be able to offer wine club members an opportunity to taste handcrafted wine from Angeline Winery.

O’Dell Brewing Company

On a beautiful Fort Collins day, one should find themselves a patio and a cold brew. With so many Colorado breweries to choose from, this is one brewery that you should give 2-3 hours of your time to.

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems – How to Build A Cool One

The wine cooling system is probably the first and foremost issue you’ll have to deal with when designing your own custom wine cellar. Plan early and thoroughly, and you’ll be rewarded with beautifully aged wines.

Will Red Wine Help Get You Out of a Funk?

Try drinking a glass or two of red wine before you visit your physician and/or have any blood work done. See for yourself what happens to your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Pennsylvania County Approves Beer Judging at State Fair

Fair food has a long and storied history throughout the US. One county in Pennsylvania is taking things a bit further, though. They’ve allowed homebrew beer in the taste judging contest, right alongside the apple pie, barbeque and other, more traditional options.

Alcohol and Caffeine – An Uneasy Alliance?

For most people, alcohol and caffeine are separate topics. You likely enjoy a morning cup of java and then finish your day off with a cold craft beer. However, for a growing segment of society, alcohol and caffeine are combined in a single beverage.

Boston: The Beer Haven of the Atlantic North East

When you think of Boston, chances are good that you think of the Celtics, or maybe cream pies. For those acquainted with the craft beer industry, you might think of Samuel Adams, as well – Boston Brewing Co. is one of the best-known microbreweries in the nation. However, did you know that Boston is a craft beer Mecca?

For the Love of God and Beer

For most folks, particularly those living in the Bible Belt, the concepts of God and beer don’t really mesh all that well. However, it was not always so. In fact, it is largely due to catholic monasteries that we have beer as we know it at all. There are still a number of abbeys around the world that brew their own beer, and lend their name to others.

Beer Up Your Smartphone

Smartphones are everywhere these days. It seems like everyone has an iPhone, a BlackBerry or an Android phone of some sort. These handy little devices are great for any number of things – email, social networking, keeping notes and playing games are just a few of them.

Advantages of Using an Electric Wine Opener

Wine enthusiasts and amateurs alike have at some time or another encountered that stubborn cork that just refuses to budge from the bottle when you try and open it, no matter how hard you try the traditional corkscrew just isn’t going to do the trick! Fortunately for the eager wine devotee, there is a simple solution to this conundrum; the electric wine opener. These stylish items are quickly gaining in popularity and they make a very sleek and stylish table accompaniment alongside a wine cooler.

Seattle – Beer Hotspots in the Pacific Northwest

Seattle is the home of eternal rain and the Space Needle; however, you’ll also find that the city is home to a number of great beer spots. If you’re going to be in town (or already live here), then you should certainly know the best place to get an excellent brew. One of the preeminent local spots to enjoy a great beer and a good time is over at Brouwer’s Cafe.

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