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Tips in Choosing the Perfect Wine For Your Meal

The most common types of wine that everybody knows are red and white wine. However, these two types are just the basic since there are still other types of liquid depending on the kind of grapes they were made of and where they were grown.

Looking For a Special Occasion Gift? How About a Vintage Wine?

Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Housewarming – there are so many occasions where a gift is needed that is often hard to come up with a new idea. However, the gift of a fine wine can let the receiver know you have thought of them personally and can make the occasion even more special.

Looking For Good, Inexpensive Wine?

Finding good, inexpensive wine can be something of a challenge. Conversely, if you’re looking for cheap wine, that’s easy enough to find. But of course, the cheap stuff often tastes like someone siphoned it out of a puddle on the ground.

Italian White Wine

Italian White Wine Italy is currently the world’s largest wine producer, with over 1 million vineyards in the whole country. In 2008 the country churned out a vast 6 billion litres of wine! And each Italian drinks (on average of course) a whopping 59 litres of the stuff every year.

How a 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Can Save Your Wine and Your Space

Anyone who enjoys the taste of wine knows that the storage of your bottles is very important. It is not as simple as having a few bottles of wine and storing them up in your kitchen cabinet. While you can do that, the wine certainly will not taste or smell the same as it would have if you had taken the time to store it properly.

Beer Brewing Ingredients – Would the Infectious Qualities of Yeast Grow on You, Given Time?

Whether it has either been distilled or fermented, any alcoholic beverage contains the by-product of yeast induced ethanol content. The majority of times it was added by the process of fermentation, which is the metabolism of sugars already present in the liquid by the ‘pitching’ of yeast. With regards to beer, the addition of the brewer’s yeast breaks down sugars in the sweet liquid known as ‘wort’ or ‘green beer’, producing carbon dioxide emissions necessary for natural carbonation, and alcohol necessary for providing a merry disposition.

Fun Things to Do With Wine Glasses

The great part about a wine glass is that it is often used for more things than just drinking wine. Wine glasses are fun and can be anything from decorative pieces and musical instruments. This article reviews many different ways to enjoy wine glasses than simply drinking.

Australian Wine

“Let’s knock that toothpaste taste out of your mouth”, said Chris pouring us a glass of champagne. Chris was our host at Tatlers, the first vineyard on our wine tour in Australia. We began at 9:00 am and visited seven of the nearly 140 wineries in the Hunter Valley, near Sydney.

The Benefits of Wine

Wine is essence of fresh grape fruit. To make wine, the essence should be fermented till the grape is ripe. Wine contains 16 % of alcohol.

Sussex Wine Wins the Prizes

The relatively warm climate in Southern England, combined with the favourable chalky soil conditions of the South Downs and Weald, provides the perfect combination for the numerous Sussex vineyards which have been established during the last two or three decades. This article discusses some of the award-winning vineyards producing Sussex wine.

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