All You Really Need To Know About Decanting Wine

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All you really needed to know about decanting wine in 2 minutes flat. Read the full article here:

The Complexity of Tasting – How Many Factors Interact When We Taste a Beer

Experiments have highlighted how the sight, the smell and other factors interact with the sense of taste and influence it. But there is also evidence that the cultural environment play an important role, so that our preferences are the result of many agents other than pure sensory data.

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Blue Cellars Winery

Consider providing the history of the wine your serve at your next dinner party or wine tasting event to enhance the experience of your guests. This article looks at serving the wines of Blue Cellars, a favorite of California wine clubs.

A Wine Fan’s Look at the Wines of Campania, Italy

The wine region of Campania, Italy, is a favorite of Italian wine clubs and offers a fascinating history. This article looks at this history and how sharing it at your next dinner party will enhance the taste of the wines you serve from Campania.

Portuguese Wine – Why it is One of the Best

Portuguese wine has a tradition and history of its own that makes it one of the best wines in the world. Know more about it.

Wine Aerators – Do They Work?

Whenever a new product hits the market, there is always a question of whether they will perform as promised. Wine aerators are fairly new and if you’re a connoisseur, you may wonder if they are worth the money. They most definitely are!

Why a Wine Gift is Great For Weddings

You have been invited to your friend’s wedding, so perhaps you have started thinking of gift ideas. Maybe you are having trouble identifying a gift to get for the couple. Choosing the right wedding gift isn’t always easy, but fortunately there are many wonderful gift ideas to consider.

Red Wine Aerators Can Make Your Next Bottle of Wine Simply Fantastic!

Do you love a great bottle of red wine? Aerators can make your next bottle one that you won’t soon forget. These products are designed to take the place of the decanting process, which can sometimes take hours.

The Future For Wine – Sales, Farming, and a Whole New World

Wine is rich in history, but the future is bringing many changes. This article looks at the future of wine making, including changes for wineries, distributors, sellers, wine club associations, and consumers.

Decanting Wine – To Breathe Or Not to Breathe

If you happen onto a bottle of wine that just isn’t impressive, take a lesson from Italian wine clubs and give the wine a moment to breathe. The difference in taste just may surprise you.

How to Order From a Wine List

When you are in a restaurant and would like a nice glass of wine but are overwhelmed by the choices you should ask your server for help. Waitresses and waiters are experienced in the knowledge of the wines the restaurant sells and will help you in your decision.

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