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Bring your own wine and join Madeline Puckette in a live tasting. Join us in chat to ask questions, interact, and learn about wine.

Does it really matter what wine glass you use? In this tasting we’ll compare how a wine tastes based on the type of glass it’s served in. You’ll want to come prepared with a standard white wine glass, a red wine glass and a coffee mug.

How to Buy a Wine Storage Refrigerator

The big question is how do you properly store wine and what are the options. One of the best and least expensive is a wine storage refrigerator.

Learn 2 Solid Benefits to Having a Cordless Wine Chiller

Looking for some benefits to having a cordless wine chiller? After you have read this article, you will know 2 solid benefits to having one. You will realize that having a portable chiller is the way to go to make sure your drinks are all kept cool.

Gifts For the Wine Enthusiast

If you have a wine connoisseur on your gift list, there are a lot of fun and interesting gifts you can get him or her. The beauty of buying gifts for the wine enthusiast is that the price range fits within any budget.

Decorating With Wine Labels

Many people save the corks from a special bottle of wine to commemorate the occasion. Some people also like to save the bottles or at least the labels. You can actually get quite creative with wine labels.

Christmas Cant Come Soon Enough!

The drinks industry is not looking forward to a very merry Christmas with many predicting the worst for ten years as the off trade retailers slash champagne prices by fifty per cent, and Christmas on trade bookings are down by sixty per cent versus last year. Have people suddenly stopped drinking, and has the drink responsibly message from government finally got through, or are there sectors still in growth? The answer, is as always complicated.

Make Your Restaurant Boom – Organizational Tips For a Successful Business

According to the most recent food expenditure data from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, spending on food and alcohol in restaurants across the nation was approximately $485 million in 2008. With spending like this, it is no surprise people who possess an entrepreneurial spirit often desire to own and operate a restaurant in order to reap the benefits of not only food but also beer, wine, and liquor consumption.

Beer and Bread – Do Their Ingredients Make Them Distant Cousins Or Blood Brothers?

For thousands of years, through archaeological findings, it has been known that man worldwide has had the ability to make bread. Further to this proof, because of the use of the same basic ingredients, it has also been established that man has possessed the knowledge to brew beer.

New Wine and Cheese Gifts

A gift of wine and cheese can’t often go wrong. They are a great solution to the problem of what to get those hard to buy for friends – for those people who have everything. Wine and cheese can also fill the bill when you need to buy for someone you don’t know real well, like your boss, or if you are the boss, an employee.

Flasks – How to Choose the Most Appropriate Style

The simple drinking flask isn’t just for sporting events anymore. With literally dozens of varieties, sizes, and designs, you can match your flask with your personality and passions. Here’s how to choose the appropriate style for you or as a gift…

Differences in Different Types of German Beer

There are many differences in different types of German beer. Knowing those differences can help you select what type of German beer that you’ll like best.

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