All About ASSYRTIKO – The A-Z of Wine.

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In this video series, The Grape Explorer takes a look at the grapes that go into making wine from A – Z.

A is for Assyrtiko

Assyrtiko is a white Greek wine grape indigenous to the island of Santorini. Assyrtiko is widely planted in the arid volcanic-ash-rich soil of Santorini

Assyrtiko grapes clusters are large, with transparent yellow-gold skin and juicy flesh. In the volcanic soil of Santorini, there appear to be some unique characteristics that develop in the grape variety, and therefore in the wine. One of these characteristics is that Assyrtiko does not lose its acidity even if it is very ripe.

The wine tasted is from Marks and Spencer called Atlantis

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Colored Wine Glasses – Suits Every Occasion

Whether for occasional use or for everyday use, the colored wine glasses will be able to provide the beautiful accent to any kind of table setting. Most of the wine enthusiasts would always be quick to disapprove of the colored wine glasses just because of its interference with the wine color. The wine connoisseurs will do more than just a drink – there are several sensory aspects to tasting of wine, which includes examining of wine color.

The Growing Pains of the Wine Industry in South East Asia

Is it real love? Is it for the bling? Or is it just plain lemming-like madness – this crazy obsession with wine in Asia…?

The Evolution of Drinking Habits in Singapore From Spirits to Wine

There I was minding my own business at a quiet dinner last week when I overhead one of the wine industry giants whining about the ridiculously low margins that people are being forced to charge to stay in the wine game in Singapore. Back in the day when “men were men” and only drank cognac in darked bars with Karaoke screens in them, the very mention of wine as a substitute automatically branded you as a person of dubious character.

Women and Winemaking

I was reading the other day, that whilst the time-honoured tradition of displaying Baywatch Babes sprawled over the bonnets of Ferrari’s may still be the best way to go in terms of selling those sort of cars, what is alarming advertising executives, is that more and more women are buying these kinds of cars for themselves – and the execs apparently seem all in a flap about it – probably concerned about missing the trend and also, how to capitalise on what has always been a male-dominated product.

Chateau Latour 1982

Chateau Latour 1982 is an incredible wine from one of Bordeaux’s greatest vintages. Robert Parker, the world’s leading wine critic, rated it and astonishing 100 points.

Red Wine Goblets

Despite the fact that many people are content with drinking wine from any kind of cup, the type of wine goblet does play a role when sipping red wine. The importance of the shape and size of your wine goblet should not be overlooked. Red wine has a very rich and powerful taste.

Wine Facts – Some Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Drinking Wine

Wine is a common alcoholic beverage and one that enjoys a huge crowd of followers. But did you know all these stuff about your (probably) favorite drink?

Wine and the Good it Does

Wine has a long history and dates back to the earliest of centuries. There are certain health benefits that no one can argue.

Wine and Finance

Out of the many hobbies that are in existence today, wine drinking is one that could come at a heightened financial cost. In the former days, wine was almost exclusively reserved for those who could afford it, and even though the prices are trying to become friendlier so as to encourage more wine drinking, the best are still far out of reach. An average bottle will cost you about $30.

Wine Addiction and How to Fight It

Wine is a great alcoholic drink with great health benefits tied to it, but alcoholic nonetheless. Getting rid of any addiction can be extremely hard.

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