Adler Fels Winery Presented by The California Wine Club

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Perched on a ridge of the Mayacams Mountains with a view of vineyards from Napa to Sonoma, Adler Fels is well positioned to let its winemaking soar. Since its inception, it has embraced a wide-angle vision of winemaking, searching for outstanding terroir, not only in nearby Sonoma and Napa, but also in other areas of California. This kind of perspective is unusual for a winery producing just 3,000 to 4,000 cases per year. But it perfectly matches the wide-ranging experience of its winemaker, Aaron Bader. His wine journey began with punchdowns in his parents’ barn and includes positions at famed wineries including Darioush and Opus One.

The Best White Wine There Is

Sauvignon Blanc remains to be a favourite among wine drinkers because of its distinct flavour and characteristics. These wines are best partnered with almost any food. Chances for trying another type of wine are very slim because once you get to taste it; for sure you will enjoy it.

The Healthy Effects of Wine

Over the past ten years there have been numerous studies on the healthy effects of red wine, which we’ve heard snippets about on the news or read about in the paper. My clients sometimes ask me about it, so I’ve looked into it.

California Wines Cleanse The Pallet With Variety Of Flavors

If California was a country of its own it would rank fourth among wine producing nations in the world, just behind Spain, France and Italy. Franciscan missionaries planted what would become the first sustained vineyards in what is now California in the late 1700s.

Winning the War of the Wallet: Big Beer Feels the Pinch

The cost of everything just keeps going up. Just putting enough gas in your car to get to work can seem more like financing a small home these days. It’s not just the price at the pump that is rising, either. You’ll find prices for everything else going up along with it – bread, milk, eggs and even beer. In fact, more and more big name breweries are reporting losses in the marketplace.

What Does The Bible Say About Wine?

As a collector of quotes and a great admirer of quotations as such, perhaps it is time I write about exactly what the Bible says about wine. It may provide us with some inspirational thoughts regarding this wonderful drink!

Tips for Finding a Tasty Light Red Wine

There are some occasions where a light red wine is desirable. But you can encounter the red wine enthusiast who feels insulted if you suggest a light one could be right. Here are some hints for finding the right weight for the right time.

How to Select a Wine for a First Date

There is no way a first date is an easy undertaking. In addition to what, when, where, why and on and on there usually is a meal involved. This will automatically in our society necessitate doing something about what you drink, possibly and likely wine.

The Rise of the New Zealand Wine Industry

Since the 1970’s New Zealand has increasingly become a more well known origin of distinctive and quality wines. Throughout the whole region of New Zealand one can find an abundance of wineries. With a year round abundance of temperate climate conditions, New Zealand is a perfect location for growing healthy grapes. But the growing process has not always been easy.

Cheese And Wine Go Together Anytime

Wine and cheese can be served on any occasion, from fancy to casual. Let these practical tips guide you in choosing just the right combination.

Australia, The Fastest Wine Growing Country

Australia succeeds as a world provider of fine wines because of its diversity in in its soils and climate. Australian wine has come of age. The Australian wine industry produces over 760 million liters a year. Australia consumes nearly 500 million liters of wine annually. There exists currently close to 2,000 wine companies in Australia.

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