A visit to Porter Family Vineyards

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In this short video you will see a quick visit to Porter Family Vineyards located in Napa Valley. A beautiful small production family owned property with caves and gorgeous wines.

Building Your Own Wine Rack

Whether you are a true wine lover with a collection worth thousands of dollars or are simply a person who occasionally enjoys a glass of wine with your dinner, the storage of your wines is of major importance. To protect your investment and to keep your wine tasting as it should, it should be stored under the correct conditions (50 to 65 degrees) and at the proper angle in order to prevent seepage from a dried out cork.

Troegs Nugget Nectar – Nugget Nectar Is Nectar Of The Gods

Troegs is an independent microbrewery located in Harrisburg, PA and has long been known, especially amongst us Pennsylvanians, to produce some very high quality and tasty microbrews over the years. Here are the details on one of my newest favorites… and I think you’ll love it too!

Benefits of Wine

A glass of wine has a calming effect on most of us. A glass a bed time is sure to help you sleep well at night.

Your Wine Collection Is Who You Are

What is in your wine cabinet or wine cellar? What do you collect and how many bottles of wine do you collect? Wine collecting and drinking can be a form of art that many people take seriously as well they should. Think about how many hobbies exist in the world is wine drinking any different? Yes and no would probably be the most appropriate way to answer that. Wine collecting is a hobby but it also represents a life style and that life style is what you make it.

Homebrew Beer – The Best Beer Is The One You Make

Beer brewing at home is a relaxing and fun hobby. Read about my experiences with beer brewing since 1998.

Wine Cellars in Luxury Homes

Wine collecting is becoming quite the popular hobby. Those who can afford it have taken a strong liking to not only tasting great wines, but creating a collection of some of their favorites as well. Drinking wine was once only done by royalty but these days all kinds of Americans are pouring themselves a glass of their favorite red or white. But what to do when your bottle collection starts growing out of control?

Beer Drinking Tips – The Health Benefits of Beer

When drunk in moderation, beer becomes a relaxing drink that provides relief from stress, a known causative element in many diseases. The alcohol in beer provides modest B vitamins amounts, plus more useful quantities of magnesium, selenium and other trace elements. Beer is mostly water, which along with the alcohol, helps to cleanse the kidneys.

Bucking the Trend – The Failures of the 100 Point Rating Scale

The concept of rating wine is not without its uses. Certainly in today’s market place, there are more wine consumers than ever and more wine producers delivering new bottles to them. Offering some guidance while browsing crowded store shelves or giving a previously-anonymous vineyard recognition for good wine making are some of the benefits of a rating system. But there is a dark side to rating wine – and the 100 point rating scale is the culprit.

Itching to Try a Fabulous Beer? Do German

For centuries Germans have been renowned for their great quality beer. Here are some facts about the traditions of the greatest beer manufacturers in the world.

An Insight Into Wine Making Juice For Great Home Made Wine

When making wine at home, beginning with the grapes may sound fine to start but unless you have a wine press, this may not be realistic. A wine press can be an expensive item to add to your equipment. Now, you may like to go in this direction to get the real feel of the wine making process.

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