A Tasting Masterclass – Part 2 of 3 – The Smell of Wine

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In part 2 of the masterclass, I focus on what smelling your glass of wine can tell you

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Wine Parties – Great Wine and Great Friends

Do you want to know a great way to experience wines from around the world, have fun with your closest friends, and relax after a long week at work? Then read on to find out how to throw a wine party that will be a smash hit with all your friends.

The Key Regions Where Great French Wine is Found

Another popular area that produce French red wines and rose is called Province located in proximity to the Mediterranean and therefore considered one of the warmest wine region existing in the country. France is the leading producer of many types of wines including the globally recognized burgundy Pinot noir wines.

A New Years Eve Roundabout

Looking for a fun idea to had some activity to a New Years Eve Party? It’s fun, and gets everyone interacting and laughing while waiting to ring in the New Year.

What to Look For When Buying Sweet Red Wine

Sweet red wines are not exactly sugary, but rather they are mostly considered fruity, although a number of them can be that way. In other words one can get more than one option and not only that because they can base their buying decision on prices, flavors, color and on the uses. A number of these wines are made of such fruits as strawberries or even blueberries and either way they result to a given texture or flavor particularly due to other additives. Examples of some of the best sweet red wine is made of fragola grapes while the traditional types are not as sugary.

New Latitude Wines

With increasing income levels throughout many parts of Asia, a demand for grape wine is on the rise. From this, a new interest in viticulture and production on a local level has resulted. In Thailand there are now at least six major wineries producing grape wines. Growing grapes in such a humid climate presents great challenges. This new concept of growing wine-making grapes in the 14th and18th latitudinal parallels has become known as “New Latitude Wines.” Traditionally, grapes for wine-making have been grown in the 30th and 50th parallels.

Fine Wine?

What exactly is going into the wine we drink? Well, the list gets quite extensive as wineries have gravitated towards being more similar to beverage companies, rather than authentic wineries. Of course, this production of a uniformed and recognizable product to gain customer loyalty has been going on for decades, maybe even centuries. However, in regards to wineries and the ever increasing high technology coupled with them, changes have rapidly occurred in the marketing of wine as a global product.

How to Order Wine in a Restaurant With Confidence

Ordering wine in a restaurant can often appear to be more challenging than selecting a bottle from the wine store. So, if you are dining with friends, and the honour of choosing falls on you, are you up to it and would you know where to start and what to look out for?

The Right Temp For Your Wine

If you enjoy a good glass of wine and enjoy matching the right type of wine to each meal, whether for yourself or for entertaining, you will want to have a variety of wines on hand. An Avanti wine cooler will keep your wine chilled to perfection. It comes in many sizes and types.

Rules You Should Know Before You Drink in a British Wine Bar

You might be surprised about not seeing formal line-up in wine bar in Britain. Every one knows the fact that British love queues, but it is not the case in wine bar.

Buy Fine Red Wine Online – Before You Do, Read This

Why are savvy wine enthusiasts turning to their computers to buy fine red wine online? Besides the obvious reason which is the huge selection available, you can literally shop around the world at the click of your mouse.

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