A CAREER in WINE – How to get a job in the wine industry

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A CAREER in WINE – How to get a job in the wine industry

The choice of jobs within the wine industry is immense, ranging from winemaker to sommelier, wine buyer to sales manager and fine wine auctioneer to professional wine taster.

This video gives you an insight into the wine industry as well as providing some useful tips

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The Growing Drive for Craft Beer Only Pubs

Craft beer has become an enormous part of our national identity. Brands like Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Fat Tire and Dogfish Head have become icons by which many beer lovers identify themselves. However, the craft beer industry is changing the fabric of society in other ways, as well.

American Stout – Options Aplenty for Lovers of the Black Stuff

Stout is not really what most people think of when they picture American beers. For those unacquainted with the craft beer industry, the image that comes first to mind is probably one of those watered down options from the Big Three. Even for those who have experienced a little of the craft brew industry, stout probably isn’t one of the first things that springs to mind.

Purity of German Beer

Germany is famous because of its beer. Germany is the number one beer-consuming country. The Germans have over four thousand types of beer.

Pinot Noir Grapes and Wines

The pinot noir grape varietal arguably owes its claim to fame from the Burgundy region within France, which provides some of the highest quality red wines known today, notwithstanding the ever growing popularity experienced across the world – with excellent quality wines emanating from California, Oregon and New Zealand amongst other new world regions. In terms of the Burgundy region itself…

White Grapes – Varieties And Health Benefits

White grapes were the second variety of grapes to be cultivated, after red grapes. The only difference between these grapes and their red cousins is that red grapes contain anthocyanin in the skin, which is what gives red grapes their color. They’re found in the produce section next to red grapes and unfortunately have been overshadowed by clinical studies focusing on the health benefits of drinking red wine and consuming red grapes. However, more recent clinical studies have shown that white grapes are just as beneficial for your health as the red varieties.

Some General Tips on How to Buy Good Wine Online

When you set out to buy wine, you are quite likely to get confused on reaching the shop even if you had some good ideas before you left home. That is simply because you might not have been prepared to face the plethora of them on display and that might leave you wondering all over again.

Why You Should Consider Buying Wine Online

Wine is such a drink that it brings with it the culture and tradition of the country from where it is made. This dark purplish drink contains a heritage in it which many other drinks don’t have. There are a lot of us who love buying one.

The Exceptional Appearance of Personalized Wine Chillers

One of the most popular drinks one will find throughout the entire world is wine. With the many different varieties, there is one that will fit anyone’s personal preference and create a feeling of friendship and warmth when shared with others. One way that makes it taste especially good is if it is chilled. Today there are excellent personalized wine chillers that can be for personal use or as an excellent gift.

India Pale Ale – All You Need To Know!

India Pale Ale, more commonly known as IPA is a type of beer which is high in hop content than any other ale. In recent years this particular type of beer has taken every one in the US by storm.

The Health Benefits of the Elegant Red Wine

Red Wine is a favorite among wine drinkers and although too much of alcohol consumption is utterly inadvisable, research has shown that wine is also beneficial to our health in some aspects. It, for instance, has certain qualities, which benefits the drinker physically, but only when taken in moderate amounts. This is usually the benefit of the grapes from which the wine is produced and so the next time your husband has a small glass of red wine, you do not have to go after him!

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