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This week was all about discovery, wines from lesser-known regions, wine terms, and a special #WineWednesday tasting of a Bulgarian Mavrud! Catch us every Wednesday on Facebook or Instagram Live at 12:00 PM PT!

Tips on Buying Champagne Glasses

Wine is perhaps the most studied and discussed beverage there is, but less is known or discussed about champagne. This lesser known yet very popular drink is just as fascinating and complicated as wine, so this article discusses everything needed to be a champagne aficionado.

Wine – What Are the Health Benefits?

Wine used to be highly priced for its healing qualities from the down of time. When there were no antiseptics around, doctors used to prescribe wine as medicine. However, we know that nowadays we have all the medicines we need and more, so does wine can still bring health benefits for us today?

What is Kosher Wine, and What Makes it Kosher?

Wine in general is considered kosher wine only if it is made, bottled, opened, and handled only by Jews who observe the Sabbath. Some of the more popular brand names for official Jewish wine are Manischewitz wine and Kedem wine.

The Low Down on Australian Wine

Australian wine is a leader in the New-World wines, and its prowess seems to have appeared from nowhere in the last couple of decades. It is now the country responsible for the most sales by volume of wine in the UK than any other, even France.

French Wine – Truly World-Class

French wine has been renowned worldwide for hundreds of years, and still enjoys a fantastic reputation today. France’s climate is perfect for viticulture, and wine is produced all over the country in different regions such as Rhone, Provence, Loire, Lanquedoc, Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Alsace.

Beer Pong Tables – Why You Need a Portable One

Beer pong is getting pretty crazy. There was a time where no one played the game, and people who did called it “Beruit” not beer pong. Then over time, the game started to plant it’s roots, and start growing little by little until it seemed it hit a critical mass and just couldn’t stop growing no matter what.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Great Style With a Green Wine Aerator!

When most people think about St. Patrick’s Day, it’s usually with one thing in mind – a party! While the green beer is certain to flow on this holiday, wine is also quite popular. If you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party and you plan on serving several different bottles of wine, an aerator is just what you need to bring out the best flavor, aroma, and character in every glass.

Wine Adventures

Like many people, I have a love for wine. I love the smell, the taste, and the whole culture around it. I even have wooden wine racks with a few bottles of wine I’m trying to mature myself, and like to experiment with wine in food.

Wine Glass Shelf – Why You Must Put Your Finest Glasses on Display

One of the reasons you would want to display your expensive wine glasses or goblets on a wine glass shelf is because the best crystal has no business being put away in a storage cabinet. Crystal is the highest quality that you can make wine glasses from.

Wine Glass Storage – 3 Important Things You Must Know Before You Buy

When considering what kind of wine glass storage you should choose, deciding upon a display case which has windows that can let you see the contents is a good choice. There are 3 reasons why. Read them here.

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