60 Seconds with Tim Preston, Mills Reef

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Tim Preston is the Kiwi legend behind Mills Reef, a top notch Tauranga winery. We dropped by, drank some pinot, spoke sauv blanc and quizzed him on all things wine. He was honest. We liked him a lot.

Chenin Blanc and the Loire Region

Chenin Blanc is a white grape variety that appears to produce wines built to last for an eternity. Chenin Blanc wines start young, with a level of acidity that disprove the sweetness waiting to mature; as these wines age, they develop a full, smooth body that is unrivaled in nearly any other wine.

Everything You Need to Know About White Wines is Right Here

Getting its name from the clear juices provided by both the red and white grapes of vineyards throughout the world, white wine is a delight for both the picky wine connoisseur and the amateur taster alike. With a variety of flavors coming from various grapes and climates all over the world, white wines can be paired with almost every food. Flowing vineyards provide the red and white grapes with their clear juices, which produce the very color that gives white wine its signature name.

The Wine Boom!

Winemaking in California has never been an unsupervised industry. The first vines were brought to the Pacific shores by Cortez. When the ruthless conqueror of Mexico failed to find gold he decided to develop the country as an enormous vineyard.

Mixing Up the Perfect Party – Baby Shower Beverage Ideas

When you go to certain celebrations, like parties, you’re most certainly going there to enjoy wonderful drinks. It doesn’t matter if you’re holding your party in a bar, in your house, or out on the beach, the perfect choice of beverage is always a big part of the planning that goes into every party.

Gewurztraminer – White Wine For the Bold

Gewurztraminer, hailing from Germany, is the most usual Alsatian wine. In German, Gewurz means “spicy”. Gewurztraminer is a sweet, thick, rich, dry wine. It is better with sauerkraut, sausages and the Alsatian cheese Munster, curry seasoned dishes, Chinese and Mexican cooking and other spiced dishes. This wine is so versatile that it can even be served as a dessert wine.

Early Wine Research

Col. Haraszthy held the vines for a year, hoping the legislature would reconsider his report. They refused again. Disgusted and disappointed, he returned from the State Capitol and looked at his priceless stock of vine cuttings. His desire to be of further service to the California wine industry came to an end. To realize something from his investment he offered the vines for sale.

Favourite Types of Beer

Beer is believed to be the oldest alcoholic beverage on the planet, with a history dating back thousands of years. Today, it remains the most popular alcoholic drink, coming in many different varieties.

Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival

The Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival is an annual tradition in Austin. This article looks at some of the events at the festival.

The Wineries of Mudgee – A Great Place For a Culinary Holiday

Mudgee is a beautiful wine growing region in Australia. Here is a backgrounder on the wine, the region and a few reasons you might like to consider a wine tasting trip there.

Wine Gift Set Shopping Made Easy

When searching for the best gifts for any special occasion, wine gift sets are always a great idea. These are always a great idea because they great a classy yet useful impression. There are many different kinds of these gift sets to meet any taste or needs, and you can find a wide variety both at your local winery, wine store, or online.

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