60 seconds with Penny Jones, Bay of Fires

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Penny Jones is a bona fide legend. Not only does she craft absolutely bloody first class sparkling, but she runs Tamar’s Bay of Fires vintage like a pro and admits to getting drunk on cask wine. Mofo personified, really.

Understanding the Differences With Red Wines

While the average person may assume that all red wines are the same, the differences actually extend far beyond the label on the bottle. With over 50 main varieties of reds available, the colors can range from light red and ruby red to deep purple. There are even some varieties that are almost black in color.

Sangiovese – Grape of Tuscany, Italy

Sangiovese is a red wine grape assortment originating in Italy whose name comes from sanguis Jovis. It is most renowned as the main element of the Chianti blend in Tuscany, but winemakers outside Italy are constantly starting to experiment with the beverage. Fresh Sangiovese has new fruity flavors and a little spiciness, but it willingly takes on oaky, even tarry, flavors when aged in barrels.

New Zealand Wine Tours From Auckland to Marlborough by Bike and Coach

Wine travel has grown tremendously in popularity, and New Zealand wine tours are among the most popular to schedule. New Zealand wines, especially sauvignon blancs, are some of the best in the world, which attracts people to wine tours. Taking a New Zealand wine tour is a dream, especially when it’s part of a larger vacation plan.

Mini Wine Bottles Stuffed in Handbags Save the Day

Mini wine bottles are fantastic and they fit nicely into my handbag. There is a song called Red Red Wine, and I admit to enjoying a glass or two of it. Naturally I’d like to think there are health benefits of wine to allow me to enjoy my glass more. Now I know that antioxidants in wine may minimise my risk of breast cancer, so I’m onto a good thing.

Selecting the Right Wine For That Special Occasion

Choosing the perfect wine really depends upon personal tastes. You can do research on the various vineyards, what was a good year for a particular wine, etc. but the bottom line is what do you like. We have listed a few things to look for in a really great wine below to try to make your next purchase a successful one.

The California Red – Zinfandel

In the state of California, Zinfandel is the number two most widely planted red wine grape. Its popularity in the United States has lead Zinfandel to be referred to by the masses as the first true “California Red.” Although California is the premier grower of Zinfandel, it is also widely grown in Italy as well.

Freestanding Beer Dispensers- Fun Way to Serve Beer

Freestanding Beer Dispensers are designed to store large capacity beer for long. As they are freestanding units, they are perfect for places compact places. Today these Beer Dispensers are found in pubs, parties at hotels and homes.

Some Simple Tips About How to Make Homemade Wine

In our quick evolving world where information and technology have made an enormous progress the old processes often are lost, we know how to produce in the quickest way and with the least amount of money and traditional production manners are treated as meaningless. Luckily there is a growing group of people who like to do things the old fashion way. They are learning how to make homemade wine, brew their own beer and make their own beverages.

How Are Sparkling Wines Made?

The world of sparkling wines, or champagne, as it is also incorrectly called, is pretty exciting. Most events that sparkling wine is used for are those of celebration. Celebrations such as parties, promotions and fancy dates many times will use it to mark the event.

The Versatility of Sherry

Sherry, when blended, happily takes on the characteristics of the oldest wine in the blend. All the wine that is sold or removed is taken from the mother cask, but never more than half. The mother cask is then refilled from the cask next to it and so on all the way back down the line.

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