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Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask Aussie somm legend Dan Sims about life and wine. Includes three blind vinomofo tastings and a few profanities. Don’t show your grandma.

Fancy learning more about food and wine matching? Read on, mofo: https://vinomofo.com/vinofiles/top-5-alternative-food-and-wine-matches-on-australia-day

The University of California and Early Wine Research

The University of California began to take a serious interest in viticulture. In the fall of 1880 the legislature appropriated $3,000 for research in enology at Berkeley, including the construction of a brick cellar on the campus. An early report to the president of the university by Dean Hilgard, Professor of Agriculture, is filled with timely advice to vintners even now, more than fifty years after its writing.

How to Be a Wine Snob

Millions of words are written and spoken in praise and explanation of wine without an explanation of the explanations. Meanwhile the product itself becomes increasingly entangled in a maze of overlapping type names, geographical designations, vintages, and general mumbo jumbo so confusing that it is quite unintelligible to 99 out of 100 storekeepers and restaurateurs who sell the product.

Wine Bottles – Wedding Favors

The labels for your bottles can be either designed by yourselves or, more often, chosen from a selection of templates and then personalized. As a rule you will have your names and the date of the marriage included and then a choice of other elements.

Wine Travel – Why Wine Trails Are Growing by Leaps and Bounds

If you’re a wine travel lover, there’s something you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the next few months. Wine trails are becoming increasingly popular, and you can expect to see several more in 2009.

Spring Into Salads With These Wine Pairings

Springtime signals a time of change. As the outside temperatures warm up, we shift our meals from heartier fare to lighter cuisine and our wine choices follow suit. Red wine selections move to lighter pinot noir, beaujolais and rose.

Wine Tasting Party Secrets

Most wine lovers, at some point, have taken the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting. In many cases, the tastings were sponsored by a commercial winery. Sometimes local merchants who sell wine will have a tasting. Even cruise lines have wine tastings on many cruises. However, did you know that it’s quite possible to turn your home bar, or wine bar, into a very professional wine tasting event!

Beauty in a Bottle!

Many things has been already written and said to praise this divine drink. He who does not drink can never be a true judge. Poets all over the globe love to praise their beloved’s beauty in way influenced by this sensuous drink.

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Wine at Home

Wine has been associated with celebration and merriment since ancient times and with good reason. Both literally and figuratively intoxicating, this beverage can enhance a meal and be a treat in itself. But it helps to know a bit about wine and how to serve it before relishing it with friends over a meal.

High Calorie Alcoholic Cocktails – Diet Busting Drinks to Avoid

If you enjoy your mixed drinks but are on a diet, finding a tasty low calorie alcoholic drink can be difficult. Many of the most popular mixed drink recipes are high calorie recipes, and it doesn’t take many to bust a diet wide open. Many mixed cocktails are high in both calories and sugar, making them a poor choice for anybody who is watching the waistline.

Wine Accessories – Which Ones Do You Need to Have?

When serving wine there are numerous accessories that help to make each experience a convenient one. This article goes into some of the more important ones. Read on to learn more.

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