5 Wine Tips for a Great Party

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Good friends, good music, good food, good wine, what could be better?

How To Read a German Riesling Wine Label

German wine presents the American consumer with a bit more of a mystery. Labels can be read like other European wines, but when comparing Rieslings, there is specific information regarding the quality of the wine that can be found on the label. Here, we discuss four common quality types found in many American wine stores.

How To Stuff An Olive

Stuffed olives are one of the largest trends in the olive industry. Stuffed olives are becoming increasingly popular in both martini cocktails and dinner recipes.

What Does the Label Say? – Understanding Wine Labels in the US Part 2

New to wine or just curious why there are so many warnings on wine bottle labels? And what does it mean when the bottle says ‘contains sulfites?’ Find out what the United States requires on all wine labels and what all of this information means in layman’s terms in this two part article.

What to Put in a Wine Basket

A Wine Basket is much more than simply a presentation of one or two bottles of wine as a gift basket. At a basic level, a wine basket can be merely the wine in a box, but there are many more creative and visually appealing options to impress your recipient with, from ready to open champagne celebration gift baskets, to gourmet wine appreciation hampers, to the cheese and wine sampler pack. A wine basket can be a complete gift experience with complimentary items to heighten the whole moment of receiving a wine basket – elevating the moment of sharing to…

Peter Lehmann, Penfolds, and Other Shiraz Producers of the Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is one of the most famous wine regions in the world together with Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa Valley. It has over 150 years of winemaking heritage that helped put Australia in the international map of the industry. Peter Lehmann, Penfolds, and other legendary names like these play a major role in the country’s economy and tourism. They’re responsible for making the excellent Australian versions of cabernet sauvignon, riesling, chardonnay, and, of course, the most sought-after shiraz.

Sweet White Wine – Australia’s Top 3

White wine makes up about 60 percent of Australia’s wine production and the rest are all the lovely reds that have also contributed significantly to the country’s rise in the winemaking industry. When you talk about the top sweet white wine in Australia, chardonnay will instantly pop up in the conversation. Riesling and semillon, the country’s two other major white grapes, will immediately follow. And these three, especially those produced by the top vintners in the country, usually satisfy many discriminating palates.

Choose the Right Fine Italian Wine

The country of Italy is famous for many things, from the Roman Empire and the subsequent ruins to the gorgeous countryside and the unparalleled beaches along the Mediterranean. One of the most beloved things about Italy, however, is the fine Italian wine produced throughout the nation. From the northern reaches to the southern tip of Italy, there are many different wineries and many types and styles of wine from which to choose.

Beer Pong Tables for Less

What started as a game found almost exclusively at college parties using disposable cups and ping pong balls has taken the nation by storm and become a game replete with equipment, accessories and tournaments. Beer pong is essentially the ultimate drinking game, going beyond the usual hear a word, take a shot activities popular with the college crowd to add an element of precision.

Split System Cooling Units: What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks?

An article examining why Split System cooling units are more suited to the average wine collector. Highlights differences between other cooling systems and pros/cons of Split Systems.

How to Buy Wine Affordably

If one is on a budget, there is nothing more difficult than trying to keep up with the world of wine. Some people say it’s a society for the wealthy, because of the inclusive arrangement of the culture and the sheer cost of purchases. In all reality, an expensive bottle of wine may be $12 for some and $120 for others. It’s also often a hobby dictated by income. However, there are remedies to this thinking.

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