4 Crazy Good Green Wine Cocktails

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See the complete recipes here: http://winefolly.com/update/4-green-wine-cocktails-for-st-patricks-day/

Houdini Wine Opener – Magic For Your Bottle

I never understood the point of struggling to open wine. I do not have what some may call “brute strength.” I am an average sized person with a love of wine who happens to need a way to open a bottle without poking out my own eye.

Pairing Wine With Chocolates

People say that pairing wine with chocolate is just not the right combination however if you have the right wine to go along with the right chocolate, then it is a match made in heaven. There are a few pairing tips in mind when pairing wine with either white chocolate or dark chocolate.

Decanting Versus Wine Aerators – Is There a Difference?

While the process of decanting is simply a part of a long standing tradition for many, there are others that swear by the process as it relates to taste. Decanting adds a flair to the festivities, but there is a touch of science behind it all, as well.

A Guide to Mixing Drinks

This article will not be a repository of exotic drink recipes; those exist in abundance across the web. Instead it is a guide to understanding the form and mentality one must take when preparing mixed beverages for guests and patrons.

Wine Values – How to Pay Cheap Wine Prices But Get a Good Inexpensive Wine

While many people may feel that cheap wine is the same thing as a good inexpensive wine, this is simply not true. You are not getting a bargain when you buy a cheap selection, as you get what you pay for when it comes to the cheap variety.

Ontario’s Wine Industry – Harvesting the Benefits of SR&ED

How wonderful it is to proudly browse the wide selection of Ontario’s wines at your local LCBO. Knowing that your own winery is both a driving force in the Canadian economy and an innovator of the local wine industry can certainly be rewarding, both personally and professionally.

Beer Can Be Good For Your Bones

A recent study suggests that beer may help prevent osteoporosis. This article explains the details of the findings.

The Cause of ‘Skunk’ Beer Revealed

Many beer drinkers have unfortunately experienced tasting skunk beer in the past. It’s fair to say that no one really enjoys this taste. A new study has discovered the cause of skunk beer.

The ABC’s of Wine Lingo – A Guide to What All Those Wine Words Mean

If you are going to be tasting and enjoying wine you need to know what the wine words are that are used when describing wine. Here is a quick and easy guide that will help you know what the meanings are for the wine words used most often to describe how wine tastes, looks and smells. Feel free to task this list with you to your next wine tasting and you will impress your friends with your new knowledge of wine terminology.

Take This With You to Your Next Wine Tasting – The Flavors of Wine

Here is a guide that will help you enjoy your next wine tasting even more and understand the subtle differences in the wines you are sampling. Take this guide with you so you will know what to look for.

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