30 Second Wine Hack: No Time to Decant Wine? Try my trick

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While decanting your wine is the best way to get any wine to taste its best, we don’t always have time to sit around and wait for the wine to aerate. Try my 30 second tip for getting beautifully aerated wine.

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I’m Dini Rao, I’ve been hosting wine tastings for the past 20 years and I’m sharing all my best tips so you can host like a pro.

I hope you will host more often and spend more time connecting with friends.I’ve hosted wine tastings for British royalty while at Christie’s auction house, celebrities during my time as a Sommelier and even a private dinner at Julia Child’s house. I want to give you the same confidence and grace I have when hosting.

You don’t need to be an expert, you don’t even need to know about wine. If you are willing to open your home and heart, my tips will give you all you need to enjoy more time with your friends.

Wine Glasses I use for all types of wine – even Champagne

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