2020: Year of Wine in Review

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It would be a shame not to reflect on those highs and lows that made 2020 such a pivotal year in wine. Article here → https://winefolly.com/lifestyle/a-year-of-wine-in-review-2020/

Year of Wine In Review (2020)

Major highlights include:

• Governments are getting their greasy paws all over wine sales. (aka Tariffs)
• Total wine sales are up but we’re drinking garbage wines
• Independent wineries really struggled this year, but that didn’t some some from doing really creative things to make sales.
• Massive fires in California and Oregon point to climate changes that are somewhat beyond our control.
• By the way, there’s a massive surplus on wines right now. What are we doing about it? Well, a lot of it is getting distilled or poured down the drain!
• We had a really big social awareness campaign which bubbled up out of the work from just a few individuals.
• Taco Bell made a wine called Jalapeño Noir
• A man was caught drinking wine from a tanker truck in central California.

All in all, I can honestly say we haven’t seen a year like this in wine. Period.

The History of Wine Glasses

Wine drinking was never in a glass vessel in the ancient days. In fact, glass making was unheard of way back then. Wine used to be served in baked clay pottery, animal horns, leather gourds, silver and gold cups among others.

What is in a Glass?

This article goes over the various types of glassware items from wine glasses and champagne flutes to goblets and other unique vessels. This article is a great guide for deciphering barware items and creating a truly comprehensive glassware collection.

Know Your Wine Glasses

Drinking wine is more of an experience than just simple actions. It takes knowledge and skill to truly enjoy a wine drinking experience which is why it is also important to know what kind of glasses should be used to drink wine. This article goes over the types of glasses used to drink wine and why they are used.

Beer Pong – Add Excitement to Your Next Party

Has your Saturday night get together with old friends seemed boring lately? Do you and your buddies find yourselves just sitting around drinking beer making desultory conversation? If you have answered yes to these questions maybe it is time that you treated yourself and your friends to a rousing game of beer pong.

How to Spot a Faulty Wine

Wine has gone higher in quality in our modern times and it’s easier than ever before to find a good wine, because wine making has improved since it is better understood. However, faulty bottles of wine will still pop up once in a while and this is how you can recognize them.

Do Wine and Health Go Together?

The age old debate of health and wine has been seen differently in various cultures and countries. But what is the reality? Is wine and moderate drinking really healthy? This article offers some eye opening facts about the health benefits of wine.

Wine Bottle Opener – Everyone Loves Good Wine

The wine bottle opener has changed a lot over the decades, and today there are styles that can either be hand-operated or are electric. Choosing between these two types in itself is not difficult, but the sheer amount of choices that are available on either side can be a bit daunting if you do not want to pick up and only opener off of a shelf.

Wall Wine Rack – How to Choose Your Best Wine Rack

If you drink wine often you must have a place to store your bottles of wine. With little space doesn’t mean that we cannot have a wine rack. We must create an ingenious way to store our wine bottles at our house. A wall wine rack will be the answer for the problem.

A General Discussion About Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is one of the common ingredients which are used in the brewing of beer. It is used for the fermentation of sugars to alcohol in the brewing process. Brewer’s yeast consists of dried cells of saccharomyces cerevisiae which is a one celled plant and a type of fungus.

Cheap Wine Or Good Inexpensive Wine? Know the Difference!

Cheap wine is very easy to find, if that’s what you are really looking for. However, if what you are really looking for is a bottle that’s good, but still inexpensive, well, that can be a little more of a challenge to find.

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