2019: A Year in Wine in Review

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What happened in wine news this year? And, what does it all mean? Lets take a moment to reflect on everything that happened in the wine world in 2019 before we dive into 2020.

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How to Choose an Expensive Champagne

If you’re seeking to make a good impression a significant other or are looking for a premium champagne for a meeting, you have to know what to search for in your champagne. It’s a serious concern to pick out a quality and expensive champagne, so let’s look at all of the characteristics and qualities to search for in a champagne that is responsible to amaze.

About Wine Decanters

Wine is a drink everyone enjoys pre or post meals. It can be enjoyed by one and all irrespective of the sex or age. A decanter is a must have for all wine drinkers.

Is Beer Less Fattening Than Wine?

A study released by a beer industry trade group concluded that beer is better than wine if you’re on a diet. Is this the truth or just sponsored research geared towards an outcome?

An In-Depth Review Of Xowii Energy Drinks

This article is intended to be an in-depth review of xowii energy drinks. Most people can agree that modern life is typically very busy as well as hectic. This is why so many people are buying products that help to give them an extra boost. Consumers would benefit a great deal, by first reading reviews of such products, so that they know what they are putting in their bodies.

Why You Need a Wine Aerator

If you love the odd glass of wine, you will know that it isn’t as easy as deciding to have a glass, opening a bottle and drinking a glass right there and then. You’ve probably heard the idea of letting wine ‘breathe’ – that is, letting air get to it once you have opened the bottle. But why should you do this, and how can a wine aerator help you?

The Sonoma Wine Region

North of San Francisco in California are the famous American Viticultural Areas (AVA) of Mendocino, Sonoma and Napa.  Sonoma is the original home of fine wine in California, though in the last 4 decades it has been overshadowed by its smaller eastern neighbour, Napa Valley.  One of the major factors affecting the growing of grapes in this northern area are the banks of fogs created by the cold water of the Pacific along the coast.

How to Read a Wine Label

There are many who would like to start drinking wine with their dinner every night, but know so little about what kinds they will enjoy and how to read a wine label that they never end up being able to pick it up. Sometimes getting the wrong wine can throw off your perception of it and it is hard to convince yourself to give it another shot because there are so many types of wine available to you. Learning how to read the label is a good start, because it will allow you to learn from your mistakes and use your wine-buying triumphs to your advantage.

Attributes of a Good Bartender

Have you ever wondered how a bartender remembers so many drinks for you to order? A bartender is a gifted person. Over the years, the profession of bartending has become pretty popular. The demand for the bartenders has gone up too.

Why Buy Plastic Champagne Flutes?

One of the best bargains possible is that of purchasing plastic champagne flutes. Great for nearly every occasion and at a reduced price, they will come in handy time and time again.

How to Serve Wine Correctly

How exactly you should serve a wine depends on what type of wine was ordered, principally whether it was red or white. this article will show you how.

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