2017 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc

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This is an informal tasting of 2017 Merry Edwards Sauvignon blanc. Enjoy my perspective on Merry’s wines and in particular her Sauvignon Blanc.

Champagne – A Grape of Many Talents

Ah, champagne. It’s a French discovery synonymous with romance, celebration, and, for those who don’t know how to properly open a bottle, safety goggles. Filled with flavor, essence, and history, champagne is a wine that people sometimes know little about. Often overlooked for a bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild or a Grand Reserve Pinot Noir, champagne is frequently to the alcohol industry what the garter belt is to the fashion industry: it’s only given attention during wedding receptions.

Sangria Recipes

Wonder what drinks to serve on a hot summer afternoon while grilling on the barbecue?

Triage – Processing Red Grapes

Triage is a new concept in grape processing. It does not have quite the same panache or urgency.

A Wine of the Month Gift Keeps Giving All Year Long

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving month after month? A wine of the month gift club membership will do just that. Learn how this wine gift makes a lasting impression with the recipient while being easy to purchase…

Serving Wine? Temperature Does Matter

If wine is not served at the right temperature it could severely hinder the taste and experience of the drink. When wine however is served at the right temperature the wine gains a balance and a taste that is unmatched. Perfect is the way that wine should be and most often times our wine is not perfect. In fact to often its far from it and many people really never know the difference.

All About Rum

The romance, the danger, the inhumanness, the flavour.. The good, the bad and the ugly. Such is the history of this drink. No drink has the privilege of having such a rich past as rum. It is also the favourite drink of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” (yes the true original pirates!).

Beer Containers Across History

For centuries mankind has enjoyed beer. A beer drinker’s experience has become more whole and desirable throughout the years as many aspects of drinking and making beer have changed.

Beer Vessels Across History

For hundreds of years mankind has enjoyed beer. Throughout the years, many aspects of serving and drinking beer have changed, making a beer drinker’s experience more complete and desirable.

Proper Food and Wine Pairings

Wine and food should be paired together to bring out the best qualities of both the wine and food. However if a food and wine are paired incorrectly it will create a very unfavorable quality in either the food or wine. Different unfavorable qualities could include but are not limited to bitterness, overly sweet, overly alcohol flavored or metallic.

Wine Fraud – What’s in Your Bottle?

Wine fraud, by definition, is a type of fraud where customers are sold wine illegally. Like a grape known for being seedy or a vineyard known for being shady, wine fraud has the potential to spoil the wine lover’s spirit. This wine is sometimes filled with chemicals that can cause sickness or it is cheap wine sold for prices much higher than it’s worth. While it may seem that wine fraud is limited to wines sold in back alleys, or out of the trunks of beaten down cars, many cases of wine fraud are sold by seemingly legit vendors. You may have been a victim of wine fraud and never even realized it.

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