2016 Wine Vintages: A Year In Review

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Different Strains of Wine Making Yeast

Wine making yeast is not made equal. There are various different strains, each of which is designed for producing different types of wine.

Amazing Wine Making Recipe Using Bananas

When you look at the selection of wine on the shelves, do you ever wonder whether the wine makers used specific recipes for each one? Truth is, wine makers have been trained how to make wine, and of course they have recipes. But when they make their wine they also change things, like the type of grape or quantity (if any) of added sugar, or the brand of yeast they use.

A Journey Among the Flavours of Chianti (Part 1)

The land of Chianti offers precious views to its visitors: medieval abbeys and fortified villages as well as smooth hills of unique colours. But, not only is your sight continuously stimulated while getting around this land rich in culture and ancient, also your taste and smell will have their own chance to be pleased as going through Chianti’s routes.

Argentina Wine Guide

Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wines in the world and the second largest in Latin America behind Chile. Wine production increased in 2002 after the devaluation of the Argentine pesco following the economic collapse and fuelling a decrease of production costs and a rise in both tourism and wine tourism. Argentina’s most important wine region ‘The Mendoza Province’ is now also Argentina’s most popular tourist destinations. Other popular wine regions include San Juan, La Rioja, Salta, Catamarca, Negro and Buenos Aires.

Top Beer Cooler Tips to Live By

If you are an avid drinker or you love to set up parties, it is time to get yourself a beer cooler. Moreover, when you do have one, please do keep note these following tips.

Red Wine Promotes Weight Loss!

These certain aspects to wine are known in the industry, but unfortunately, and not known outside. Why this is, is a mystery to me, (although I do have some small inkling as to why this may be!) as some facts need to be shared with the wine drinking public!

Wine Labels – When More is More and Less is Less

Wine consumers can know a good deal about the product they buy from the information that appears on the label. They can also know a much more limited story about the wine based on how little information is displayed. In either case there are items to look for to provide guidance.

Italian Wines

Italy is the largest producer and exporter of wine, producing one-fifth of the world’s production and offering the greatest variety of grapes. It has some of the oldest wine regions in the world producing some top quality wines.

Wine Courses – Fun Facts to Learn

You do not actually need to be a true wine expert to enjoy tasting wine. Though, it is true that the more you actually know about something, the more you will probably enjoy it.

Wines of South Africa

The production of wine in South Africa dates back to 1659, and at one time Constantia close to Cape Town was well thought of as the greatest wine in the world. Wine regions are mainly spread over the Western and Northern Cape, covering an area of 312 miles west to east and 420 miles north to south with the main regions located in Cape Town, Paarl, Stellenbosch and Worcester these areas have a similar climate to the Mediterranean.

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