$16 vs $55 Chardonnay

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Lets get to the bottom of price vs quality when it comes to Chard… Spoiler Alert: it’s all about growing this grape where it grows best.

US Wine Trails – Three States You Wouldn’t Expect to Have a Wine Trail

If you’re a fan of wine, you already know the satisfying feeling of discovering an under the radar gem. Whether it’s a great Riesling from Washington state or a Napa Valley red, there is a great joy in learning about a delightful new vintage.

Wine Club – Joining a Wine Club

If you are a wine enthusiast, you are sure to have heard of a wine club. There are literally thousands of wine clubs offering the best wines you can choose from. There are many advantages in joining wine clubs.

Production of Pulque in Matatlan, Oaxaca – A Case Study of One Family’s Traditions

It’s still dark when Abraham Cortes Garcia is in one of his fields on the outskirts of hometown Matatlan, harvesting aguamiel, the “honey water” used to produce the naturally fermented drink known as pulque (POOL – kay). He usually gets up at about 5 a.m., and either does the 20 minute walk to el campo on his own, or en route stops by son Lorenzo’s homestead to ask him to come along; or he picks up a neighborhood mozo, a young helper.

Wine Making 101 – How to Make Grape Wine Through Fermentation

If you’re wondering how to make wine, you’ve come to the right place. Wine making is not difficult, however you need a few things to get started. But before anything else, here is wine making at its core.

How to Detect Wine Faults

The production of wine is like any other mass produced product, there will always be a few problems along the way. The skill is to reduce these to an absolute minimum, but the odd nasty will occasionally raise its head. Wine problems can occur at so many stages during the winemaking process, and if left uncorrected will appear later on.

Types of White Wine – Is White Wine Really Always White?

The term white wine is widely accepted everywhere and nobody really questions it, however if you think about it, white whine is never really white. You can find it in many colors and shades, but never truly white. From yellow wine to golden wine to almost white wine pretty much any wine that has no red or pink in it is named white wine.

How to Calculate the Level of Alcohol in Your Body?

Drinking too much alcohol can cause serious effect to your health. However, it has been a part of daily lives. Therefore, it will be better for you to recognize the standards of this drinking.

Is Bartending School Right For Me?

This article discusses what you need to know before attending bartending. It also talks about what you will learn while attending a bartending academy.

A Beer Keg Cooler – Perfectly Chilled Draught Beer Every Time

If you love quality and chilled draught beer then getting a beer keg cooler is the ultimate solution to a prefect beer every time. Perfect for parties, home bars, and special events, find out what you need to know about these cool devices.

Using Beer Kegs of Beer Bottles For Your Homebrew

There are lots of various web sites and books on how to home brew beer, which list the common equipment, like brew kettle, conical fermenters and for example a beer bottle filler as well as the various ingredients and recipes that can be used in home brewing beer. One option that has to be made throughout the procedure is whether to use bottles or to make use of beer kegs to complete the procedure and offer a place for the beer to go through secondary fermentation before being all set for consumption.

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